The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam hosted its 2018 Mixer Reception on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the AB Won Pat International Airport. During this Mixer reception, CCCG rededicated to the island of Guam, the Goddess of Life Statue located at the airport arrival area. The statue has been refurbished recently with repairs, new paint, and a new copper plaque. President Benson Au-Yeung led the ribbon cutting with Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, Mr. Rick Duenas (Chairman of the Board, GIAA), Mr. Peter Roy Martinez (Deputy Executive Manager, GIAA), Mr. Elvin Chiang (Past CCCG Vice President), Mr. John Shen (Past CCCG President), Mr. Frank Yu (Past CCCG President) and the rest of the current 2018 CCCG Vice Presidents and Board of Directors.

The Goddess of Life shares a message of Harmony and Prosperity to the people of Guam.