The History of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam

The Predecessor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam (CCCG), the Chinese Merchants Association of Guam (CMAG) was incorporated on August 20, 1993 as a Non-Profit Organization on the basis of the former Chinese Sea Transportation Association. The original organizers were Mr. Michael Lin, Mr. Peter Wang, Mr. Frank Yu and Mr. John Shen with the help of other members. The main purpose of the organization was and continues to be to unite all Chinese businesses, to contribute to our Guam business community and to provide various services and benefits to the member of our organization.

The CCCG’s website which was recently redesigned promotes the Association to the business communities on Guam and off-island. CCCG engages actively in community services and other activities.To commemorate the settlement of our Chinese Ancestors on Guam and show the Chinese Community?s appreciation to Guam as our home, our organization dedicated a state-of-the-art Goddess of Life Chinese Memorial Monument in 2002. The statue presides at the prime location in the arrival area at the Guam International Airport.

“May the Goddess of Life continuously ignite the inspiration of the people on Guam and bring harmony and prosperity to this beautiful island that we chose to be our home.”

The inscription on the Monument spells out exactly what the intended contribution our organization has made to the Chinese Community of Guam.

On September 25, 2005, at a duly called meeting of the Chinese Merchants Association, over two-thirds of the members adopted a Resolution which changed the name of the Association to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam. The purpose of this legal name change was to enable the Chinese Chamber of Guam to participate in a world-wide organization of similar business groups. On October 13, 2005, the Department of Revenue and Taxation of the Government of Guam issued an Incorporation Certificate which formally recognized the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam as a duly licensed Guam Corporation. CCCG legal counsel Attorney Fred Horecky, J.D., carried out the necessary legal work for the name change.